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Ken Evenstad personal mission statement3





  1. To be a kind and thoughtful husband and father;

  2. To inspire goodness and achievement in my children;

  3. To love deeply and be loved deeply by my family;

  4. To speak out for what I believe in;

  5. To always maintain a sense of humor;

  6. To be a man of my word;

  7. To be completely trustworthy and honorable;

  8. To be a good friend who cares about the feelings and well-being of people;

  9. To be generous with all that I have;

  10. To affirm my strong belief in the innate goodness of people;

  11. To be an inspiration to people in my company and the community;

  12. To be innovative, entrepreneurial and a wise business person;

  13. To be curious and to learn about many diverse things;

  14. To always keep an open mind;

  15. To lead the way of change in the pharmaceutical industry and global business;

  16. To make the world’s best Pinot Noir wine.